welded silos

Welded Silos

The system can be used with silos up to 5 metres in diameter and can be mounted easily anywhere in the world with the assistance of one of our engineers. The silos are transported fully dismantled for easy accommodation in containers or lorries, and can be erected and bolted on site.

Plastic Industries, Food masala industry, PET bottle, Rigid Packaging, Auto components, Flexible films, Pipes, Profiles & Wires industry, Recycling industry, Pet food industry, Wood & Energy industry

silos textile

Textile silos

Textile silos are an economical solution for in-door silo storage facility. The frames needs to be decided based on the location of the silos. The textile material and the cone angle along with the output make the convenience of the product flow.

Storing of raw materials - powders, granules - chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics & rubber, food, confectionary, bakeries etc.

buffer silos

Buffer silos

Buffer silos are an ideal solution for solution to store raw materials for a buffer medium to assist in the production of high speed agility. These buffer silos are also used to maintain the production capacity at its behest, even if there is any raw material problem at the receiving end

Plastic Industries, Recycling industry, Flexible films, Rigid Packaging, Auto components,PET bottle,Pipes, Profiles & Wires industry, Pet food industry

material loading unit

Silos Loading System

Silo loading systems are ideal for transporting your products from the truck or big-bag location onto the silos.


accessories for silos

Optionals for silos

Accessories for silos includes many options, according to your industry and conditions. We offer different kinds of solutions to protect the environment with self cleaning filters.


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