Textile Silos

Raw material processing and storage of materials is an art. Textile silos are an economical solution for in-door silo storage facility. The frames needs to be decided based on the location of the silos. The textile material and the cone angle along with the output make the convenience of the product flow.

ring silos
  • Lorandi Silos textile silo is one of the latest technologies followed for the in-door solutions.
  • The storing of raw materials - powders, granules - chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics & rubber, food, confectionary, bakeries etc.
  • Suitable for indoor installations, sheltered from weather
  • Equipped with support frames, anti-dust, breathable fabric (to avoid condensation)
  • Equipped with filtering top
  • Square/ rectangular - custom made design according to the building
  • Suitable for food stuff, fabric totally made of polyester thread.

Gallery of Textile Silos

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